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This is your opportunity to be a member of the American Dental Hygienists' Association, the largest organization in the United States representing dental hygienists.

Membership in the ADHA is tripartite, which means that when you become a member of the ADHA, you automatically become a member of the state constituent, the Washington State Dental Hygienists' Association and the local component, the Greater Seattle Dental Hygienists' Society.

Through this tri-level structure your professional interests are further developed and protected.

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WSDHA and GSDHS Membership Benefits:

Professional Contacts -- The WSDHA and the GSDHS sponsor meetings and activities for your personal and professional benefit. This affords you the opportunity to form new friendships and develop professional contacts. Community service projects provide an avenue to give back to the public who, in part, finance your education through taxes.

Continuing Education -- The WSDHA and the GSDHS organize outstanding opportunities for continuing education, offering programs to enhance clinical skills as well as leadership training that can be used both professionally and personally..

Your Membership Supports Scholarships -- Dental hygiene students, including graduate dental hygiene members continuing their professional education, can apply for scholarships.

Communications: Newsletters and Websites -- WSDHA and the GSDHS newsletters and websites inform you of association activities, issues affecting your daily practice, legislative updates, professional web links.

ADHA Membership Benefits:

Security -- Through membership, you will help to secure a future for dental hygiene. We are a strong, united organization that guides the development of dental hygiene practice and helps enhance and protect your status as an oral health care provider. The ADHA, the WSDHA and the GSDHS are working to protect the value of your educational credentials and to preserve the integrity of your license. Only through uniting as one voice can the ADHA, the WSDHA and the GSDHS continue to represent the dental hygienist effectively.

Access to Information -- Members receive a subscription to the Journal of Dental Hygiene, the ADHA's official publication that brings you scientific and technical articles on clinical practice, research, and education. In addition, members receive the Association's magazine Access, that helps you stay on top of the issues that are important to dental hygiene.

Insurance Discounts -- Your membership will provide you with the opportunity to apply for several types of insurance such as professional liability, disability, major medical, automobile and term life at competitive premiums, as well as VISA/MasterCard programs, discounts at hotels nationwide and discount buying programs.

Continuing Education -- Membership offers you discounts on continuing education through online courses, self-study courses and the ADHA Annual Session.

Leadership Opportunities and Recognition -- Becoming active in the Association gives you the opportunity to acquire and develop new skills and interests such as leadership and public speaking. The ADHA is the "authoritative resource" for dental hygiene. Leadership opportunities are present on every level of membership, recognizing the RDHs nationwide from educators to grass roots to clinicians to public health care RDHs. Valuable friendships can be made along the way. Membership can open the door to many opportunities for professional recognition and growth.

Employment Assistance -- Members can access online advertising of employment opportunities posted by potential employers across the country. In addition, both dental hygiene publications offer classified advertising and career information.

Scholarships & Research Grants -- Members may apply for scholarships and grants through the ADHA's Institute for Oral Health (IOH.) The IOH encourages and promotes professional excellence through scholarships and quality research in collaboration with the ADHA. Through this program, the Institute has awarded hundreds of scholarships to full and part-time students pursing higher education.

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